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Now you have found us we have to be best friends forever.  You are very lucky, not many find our Magical Forest as it is very carefully hidden in the trees.

This amigurumi style Knitty Critter Magical Forest Crochet Kit is designed by Mandy Cameron and includes all the
materials you require to make these three best friends in your chosen colour and makes
the perfect gift.  Suitable for confident beginners, they’re a must!

Within this kit are easy
to follow instructions, set out row by row in UK terminology for all three animals and also includes
certified high quality stuffing for a super soft, cuddly finish; don’t let them over eat the stuffing though!  

They will arrive on your doorstep in their own gift box and as soon as you open it you
are ready to start bringing them to life.


            Knitty Critter Magical Forest Crochet Kit in Hush Pink


                  100g of Bernat Baby Blanket Tiny Yarn

        50g contrast DK yarn

        4mm crochet hook

        100g of Stuffing

           2 metres of black yarn for facial features            

        Pattern booklet

Washing guidelines:
Gentle machine wash, do not bleach, do not iron, do not dry clean.  Re-plump stuffing when dry.



Page 2

Use a marker in the stitch on the hook to indicate the beginning position of rounds and move up after every completed round. This will mean the start position will slope slightly, however on this project it is not critical and does not affect the finished item.


*With colour A make an adjustable slip knot and chain 2

Rnd 1: Work 7dc into slip knot

Rnd 2: 2dc in every stitch (14sts).

Remember to pull the starting tail tight to close the centre hole and sew in the end.

Rnd 3-16: Dc in every stitch marking the start of the row with a stitch marker as rounds are worked in spirals*.

Crochet 4th leg from to

Do not fasten off 4th leg continue to form body as follows:

Rnd 17: Place marker in stitch on hook, work 8dc on 4th leg, take another leg and working in stitch after the fasten off tail, work 1dc, work 1dc in each of next 9sts around the leg. Repeat from ** to ** 2 times more.

You now have four legs in a line. From the stitch marker on the first leg, count back 2 stitches. Dc in the 2nd stitch and then 1dc in the first stitch by the marker (40dc).

Move the stitch marker up a row and consecutive rows.

Rnd 18-20: Dc all round

At this point, using the long tails that fastened off the legs, sew the four legs together towards the middle.

Rnd 21: 6dc, dc2tog repeat from to to stitch marker (35dc)

Rnd 22: Dc all round

Rnd 23: 5dc, dc2tog repeat from to to stitch marker (30dc)

Rnd 24: 4dc, dc2tog repeat from to to stitch marker (25dc)

Rnd 25: 3dc, dc2tog repeat from to to stich marker (20dc)

Stuff the feet and body

Rnd 26: 2dc, dc2tog repeat from to to stitch marker (15dc)

Rnd 27: 1dc, dc2tog repeat from to to stitch marker (10dc)

Ss into next st and fasten off leaving tail of yarn to weave the end through the 10 sts of last round, pull tightly to close the hole ensure back is flat, and weave in end.


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